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How To remove Soapscum From Granite Countertops

Just last week I discovered a stain on my granite counters that ran alongside my drying rack. When I removed the towel that we keep under the drying rack there was a perfect line that showed where the mat had been sitting.

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Granite Countertop Basics

Granite, similar to the marbles and other known stones, are dated as ancient as earth itself. It is also found everywhere in the world. During the ancient societies, it was the preferred material for construction of public buildings and temples. In recent past, most builders utilized it for exteriors and pillar finishes.

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10 Iconic Pictures That Shaped A Generation

The art of photography makes us see the world differently. These 10 pictures captivated a generation when they were published in magazines and newspapers.

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Autonomous Transportation System

According to the UN, by 2030 about 5 billion people are expected to live in cities. Together China, India, and Brazil are projected to have as many urban inhabitants as the entire developed world (Hinrichsen, 2002). The US National Transportation Board predicts that delays caused by congestion will increase by 5.6 billion hours in the period between 1995 and 2015 (Motavalli, 2002), while money and time spent in congestion amounts up to over $78 billion per year due to inefficiency

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The Getty Center

The Getty Center is more than a museum with its beautifully designed garden, and outdoor cafe, you can spend hours just to relax, read, and enjoy a cup of coffee. A couple weeks ago, I visited The Getty Center in a beautiful Sunday. First, I have to tell you the location. It is located on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains. Trams carry visitors from a street-level parking facility to the top of the hill.

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Ren Building, Shanghai

In Mandarin the "人" or rén symbol translates to man. It's not hard to spot the similarity between the rén and the Ren building. Within the architectural community, especially on public forums, there is a lot of debate as to the cultural origins of the symbol. But to be brutally honest, it's a silly discussion because it makes for a beatiful building.

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The Bloch Building

By day, light is reflected into galleries below. At night, gallery lights will glow softly through the mix of translucent and transparent glass panels, like Japanese lanterns illuminating the Sculpture Park. The interplay between the interior and exterior makes this one of the most cap­tivating contemporary museum experiences since the opening of the Tate Modern, London. The new Bloch Building opens on June 9,2007.

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