High Definition Photography

“Everything began in 1955 in Tuscany. On a family trip in the hills of Tuscany, a car with Swiss license plates moves forward only slowly. Hermann Seitz, the driver of the car, shoots pictures here and there for the family album. Back home he is not quite happy with his images. If only family and friends could see this landscape just the way it is in reality. His thoughts circle around a camera that rotates. Hermann Seitz gets to work in his shop. The next holiday trip – but this time something has changed. On the top of the car is a greyish-black object that father Seitz rotates once around its axis using a cable release. The first Seitz panorama camera is in action…”

In 2007, Seitz introduced new high definition digital cameras, Seitz 6×17 Digital, and Roundshot D3. Now you know my next birthday gift!!! These are totally mind-blowing. You can’t take bad photographs with these cameras! The above picture is a panoramic photo of Miami from the air by Peter Lorber. To see more samples click here.

Seitz 6×17 Digital (above) is the first digital 6×17 panorama camera. 160 million pixels in 1 second! You can capture action thanks to a minimum exposure speed of 1/2000 sec. (per pixel) – images full of speed, motion, and life! It has very user-friendly software with very advanced features.

Roundshot D3 (below) – digital 360° scanning camera with almost no limits in resolution. With an 80mm medium format lens 470 million pixels in 2 seconds!

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