The Energy Saving Adapters

The Energy Saving Adapters

The Energy Saving Adapters – EDF – by Gilles Belles not only look good but have some smarts behind them too. The standby mode of the electrical appliances can represent up to 10% of the electric consumption of housing (except heating). This adaptor displays useless energy consumption due to standby and automatically turns off office equipment that are left on unnecessarily.

Each module corresponds to a device, and monitors its power supply independently.

If a device is in standby mode, a layer of light glows over the surface of the adaptor, symbolically indicating the wasted energy, and signaling for the user to turn it off.

If the user does not respond, the “standby mode cut-off” turns it off automatically after 3 minutes. This solution could reduce the energy consumption of equipment left in standby mode by half.

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