Santiago Calatrava is Hoping His 80 South Street Realized

With its peerless architectural design, the Eighty South Street tower stands conspicuously against the skyline of New York City. This 835-foot-tall residential building houses just ten ultra-exclusive townhouse condominiums, with a starting bid for each unit at US$ 29 million. Each townhouse, contained within its own individual cube with roughly 10,000 square feet of floor space and containing four stories, is accompanied by a large private garden outside and a private elevator within. Moreover, convenience is paramount, with concierge services and amenities made available round the clock.

Its strategic location by the southern tip of the Manhattan waterfront, as well as being a stone’s throw away from the World Trade Center site, suggests a panoramic view of both the calming waterfront seascape as well as the vibrant city skyline. This work of art is part of the portfolio of the world-famous Spanish architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava, whose other works include the Athens Olympic Stadium, Sweden’s Turning Torso, and more.

More facts…

  • – The building has an innovative shape of rectangular boxes, each of which is a separate residential unit, stacked around the central core.
  • – The structure is to be topped with a spire that would reach beyond 1,000 feet.
  • – Despite its great height, the building will hold only 12 residences.
  • – Ten of the twelve cubes will contain residences and the two lower cubes, as well as the 8-story base will be commercial.
  • – Each cube will be approximately 10,336 square feet each.
  • – Each private cube-” townhouse” will have a private garden.
  • – This building will house some of the most expensive residences in the city and possibly in the world.
  • – With each cube featuring a separate elevator and a private garden, the apartments are expected to be the most expensive in the city.
  • – The tower was approved by the city in early February 2005.
  • – Each townhouse is expected to cost about 30 million dollars.
  • – The tower will replace the existing six-story red-brick building at 80 South Street.

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